Papa Gino's

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Papa Gino’s restaurants located?

Papa Gino’s restaurants are located throughout New England. In fact, we have been New England’s hometown pizzeria since 1961. We currently have 155 restaurants and plan to open many more in the near future.

Where was the first Papa Gino's?

The first Papa Gino's was opened by the Valerio family in East Boston. It wasn't called Papa Gino's at first, it was called Piece O' Pizza.

When did the first Papa Gino's open?

The first Papa Gino's (then called Piece O' Pizza) opened in 1961, the name changed to Papa Gino's in 1968.

Does Papa Gino's deliver?

Most of our locations DO deliver but since there are a handful that don’t, make sure you call your local Papa Gino’s to check.

How can I get a job at Papa Gino's?

There are many job openings, both at Papa Gino's restaurants throughout New England and at our corporate headquarters. Check out Papa Gino's Career Opportunities page for current listings.

What is most important to Papa Gino's?

Simple: quality. Quality in our food, quality in the experience our customers have every time they eat at Papa Gino's, and quality in the experience people have as team members working at Papa Gino's restaurants or corporate headquarters.

What's the secret behind Papa Gino's unique pizza, pasta, and subs?

While we can't give away all of our secrets, we can tell you that our unique flavors come from Valerio family recipes that were handed down through generations in Italy and came to America with the family of Papa Gino's founder, Michael Valerio in 1936. Our focus has always been on using of a variety of fresh, quality ingredients in everything we serve.. Our pizza always starts with dough that is made fresh every day. We use pizza sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes that are carefully selected for quality and taste. And all of our pizzas are topped with our unique three cheese blend. The result is fresh and delicious pizza every time.